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How much investment does the interactive trampoline need?

2020/06/16 08:49
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The popular interactive trampoline is the new favorite of the current entertainment consumer market. The huge consumer group is the main reason to attract investors' attention. Now many people want to know how much investment is needed for the interactive trampoline? How to design and build a characteristic trampoline park full of fun and stimulation? In fact, different trampolines have their own unique characteristics Reasonable combination of bed hall can give play to more powerful equipment advantages, and create a more relaxed and happy entertainment and leisure atmosphere for people. However, some misunderstandings in combination planning must be paid attention to.

Never make assumptions

On the issue of how much investment is needed in the interactive trampoline that many people pay attention to, the purchase expenditure of equipment usually occupies the main position, but the planning and combination of equipment need to be scientifically judged, which needs to be combined with the market demand and the preference of consumer customers. In addition, we should not see that any new creative project wants to purchase, not only by their own preference, but also by considering the surrounding consumption The actual needs and consumption habits of the fee group, as long as the new customers are retained, will be able to recover profits faster.

Don't be greedy for more

Many people think that the more entertainment equipment, the stronger the competitive advantage of the market, and can naturally attract more customers and create higher performance. The actual results are often unsatisfactory. First of all, people choose the size of the venue according to their own strength, which is the main reason related to the amount of investment needed for the interactive trampoline, and also a factor restricting the purchase of equipment. The venue area is large, and the relatively optional space is large. However, when the venue area is small, people should pay more attention to the combination advantages of equipment, not greedy for more, but make the space narrow and uncomfortable for playing.

Be sure to distinguish primary and secondary

Investors will determine the theme style of the venue after knowing how much they need to invest in the interactive trampoline in combination with the local specific situation and the needs of the target customer groups, but it should be noted that the theme must be highlighted in the planning scheme, so as to distinguish the primary and secondary, so as to be able to present in front of consumers with distinct characteristics and leave a deep impression. In addition, publicity and promotion based on the theme of the venue can also form a unique cultural label, making the play more interesting.

No matter what kind of entertainment projects are operated, the ultimate goal is to make money after all, to meet the requirements of customers. Many people think that the cheap price will make the passenger flow flourish, but is the profit really satisfying? So the price war is never the main means of competition. The important thing is to improve the software and hardware facilities, improve the service awareness and quality, and conquer consumers with strength.