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How many calories can trampoline Park exercise burn?

2020/06/11 09:08
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Nowadays, trampoline park is the most popular item in children's entertainment market. Before, this sport originated in the United States. Many children like to play this game and can find more fun from it. Adults also like this project because it can strengthen their body. In addition, for more beauties, it can also burn more calories to achieve the effect of weight loss People of any age can do a project, but some super fat people will ask, how many calories can trampoline Park exercise burn? Now let's take a look at the trampoline project developed from the gym, how to get fat and shape successfully!

1 What are the requirements of trampoline project for human body weight

In the process of production, each equipment will have its own maximum load-bearing quantity. What is the weight required for trampoline park? For different projects, the requirements for the weight of tourists are different. There is no requirement for the weight of tourists in general projects, but because of the weight-bearing problem of trampoline, it is not recommended to play trampoline for tourists with a body weight of more than 180 kg. Try other devices in the park.

2 What are the advantages of trampoline

Professionals pointed out that if tourists trampoline for ten minutes is equivalent to jogging in the stadium for half an hour, the heart rate of tourists in the process of trampoline will be higher than that of ordinary sports, in addition to long-term exercise, so that the body can be well metabolized, so as to well reduce body fat and shape; regular participation in sports can make the whole body's blood run faster, so that every one The blood system has smooth circulation, which can also prevent the occurrence of diseases; when our feet contact with the soft landing surface, it will greatly reduce the bone's bearing capacity, so as to achieve the effect of joint protection; this is a new sports mode, which has super entertainment and fun, so it is liked by people of different ages.

3 Who is not suitable to practice this project

For trampoline sports, not all people are suitable. What is the weight required for trampoline park? It's under 180 Jin. So who else is not suitable for practicing this project? First of all, patients with heart disease and those with high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia are not suitable for this program; and overweight people are not suitable for this program.