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How long does trampoline park need to be renovated and what facilities?

2020/06/03 09:50
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Trampoline is not only a kind of aerobic exercise, but also a kind of miniaturized entertainment equipment. It is a new type of sports mode that combines fitness, entertainment and sports. It is introduced from abroad and popular to develop into a trampoline Park in China. As of last year, there are about 500 trampoline parks (large-scale) in China. In 2013, the number of trampolines was only in single digits, and the number of trampolines in China increased rapidly at the rate of 100 the next year. Through the trampoline project, we can achieve the function of sports stretching joints, promote the absorption of calcium, and at the same time, a reasonable trampoline training every day can also achieve the effect of reducing weight and shaping.

Trampoline park needs to pay attention to the following two points in the selection of venue: the ground inside the venue needs to be leveled and the previous requirements of the venue need to reach 4.2 meters (children type) and more than 5.2 meters for adults type venues. The general venue is located in the commercial center, sports center, gymnasium, warehouse renovation and other places, which needs to take into account the surrounding consumption and venue needs. In addition, the convenience of transportation is also a place to be taken into account.

The investment in equipment and facilities is 60% of the investment in the whole venue, and the investment will be different according to different planning functions. In the current market situation, children's growth and health problem is a comprehensive social project, and the direct cause of this healthy growth factor is nutrition and sports. Therefore, in consideration of children's health problems, it is also necessary to correlate the quality and safety of product equipment. The indoor combined trampoline park built by our institute has different functional projects designed according to children's needs, age, and venue. In the design and production of trampoline Park, we have ASTM / TUV certification, which is an international standard certification agency. The materials of the selected area are exclusive for trampoline qualification.

Then there is the issue of venue decoration, which requires a more detailed budget list to understand the cost structure of venue decoration. The design fee accounts for about 5% of the decoration cost, and the design is the foundation of the decoration. Only if the foundation is well done can it help the subsequent requirements of the decoration. The material fee is about 40% of the exhibition project cost, and the higher the decoration area, material and level are, the higher the material fee will be. The labor management fee: it can't be seen that the decoration is a very simple thing, which requires supervision, car driving and other details Therefore, the labor management cost accounts for about 30% of the decoration cost.