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How about the trampoline Park factory

2020/06/14 08:15
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Good money making projects are selected, so excellent equipment is also essential. Trampoline park projects are so popular now. How about trampoline Park factories? Can they provide us with high-quality and cheap trampoline equipment? Let's take a look at the best factories from several aspects.

1 What are the five reasons for choosing a good factory

For the trampoline Park factory, to stand out in the fierce market competition, it must have its own advantages. For a good processing factory, first of all, in the production process, use high-quality fabrics to ensure the safety and environmental protection of every piece of equipment; high-end atmospheric design can attract more people's attention, and each original design is to win the market The best capital; a good manufacturer, each product is directly locked by the manufacturer, reducing the sales link in the middle, minimizing the profit, and leaving the low price to each customer; a good manufacturer has absolutely good reputation, and each product sells well all over the country, which is the symbol of strength; high-quality after-sales service, thus ensuring the customer's return rate.

2 What is the specific process of product development

If you choose the products of trampoline Park factory, you need to make the products in advance. Let's talk about the specific process! First of all, reservation service should be carried out. Each customer needs to provide site information, and then the factory carries out free design operation. When a formal contract is signed, the customer needs to pay 30% deposit in advance, and then determine the design scheme. After receiving the deposit, the factory will put into production, and the production time needs to be determined according to the equipment; after the equipment is produced, the customer needs to put the final payment on the factory account, and then the factory will pack the equipment tightly, transport the equipment to the door in a special car, and then the professional master will carry out the door-to-door installation. After the installation is completed, the customer can confirm the receipt.

3 What are the advantages of each product

Good products are always favored by customers. With brand-new advantage wood board, the equipment has good stability and won't deform and crack in long-term use; the outsourcing of products uses flame-retardant PV tube, which has bright color, good wind and cold resistance, and has flame-retardant effect.