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High strength outdoor trampoline

2020/04/20 10:00
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Outdoor trampoline is an extension of indoor trampoline. Outdoor trampoline allows people to experience the feeling of taking off outdoors. Trampoline usually includes trampoline pad, bracket and other structures. Trampoline mats can be round, elliptical or rectangular in shape, and supports are usually made of metal. In order to improve the safety of trampoline, a safety net is usually installed on the bracket to surround the periphery of trampoline pad. However, the existing safety net has low structural strength, short service life, and is prone to rupture when suffering from strong impact, resulting in safety accidents. In addition, when outdoor developers bounce on the trampoline mat, they are easy to jump to the safety net and suffer from collision and bruise, especially when they accidentally hit the metal bracket, which will cause serious body injury. Therefore, personal safety can not be better guaranteed.

Therefore, it is urgent to provide a high-strength outdoor trampoline with high strength and safety, easy to rest and suitable for outdoor expansion.

The high-strength outdoor trampoline includes a base and a trampoline pad arranged above the base. The outdoor trampoline is surrounded by a number of pillars, on which a safety net is installed. The safety net is woven from high-strength polyester fiber and glass fiber, which has high strength and will not be damaged by strong impact. Therefore, it has high safety and long service life.

There are several closely arranged anti-collision layers under the inner side of the safety net, and the inner surface of the pillar is covered with the anti-collision layer, which can reduce the impact force when the expansion personnel bounce against the safety net and the pillar, avoid personal injury, and improve the safety.