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Guide to operating indoor trampoline park

2020/05/23 10:00
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Large indoor trampoline park. China's trampoline sports are developing rapidly. At present, many indoor children's parks or sports venues in China regard indoor trampoline Park as a popular and high return on investment children's amusement project. Today, let's talk about how to operate a large indoor trampoline park?

 Notice before investing in indoor trampoline Park

1 . location of indoor trampoline Park

1. Any park is best to choose a place with dense traffic. The location of indoor trampoline park also has high requirements for the surrounding environment. There are schools, communities, commercial complexes, comprehensive entertainment places, etc. nearby. A good location is the most important factor for making money in the investment of indoor trampoline park.


2. Indoor trampoline Park comprehensively considers the rent cost. Different regions have different consumption levels and rent costs. When choosing the location, try to choose the location with lower rent and property level. Plant reconstruction is a good choice.

2 . Investment in the early stage of indoor trampoline Park

1. Indoor trampoline park equipment cost ---- the price of trampoline equipment is related to the design scheme, functional items and product quality. After the venue is determined, do not blindly purchase the equipment. You must comprehensively consider your actual needs and determine the design scheme. In a trampoline factory on the comprehensive market, do not ignore the quality because of the low cost, and subsequent losses will be outweighed.

2. Rental cost of indoor trampoline Park - as mentioned in the above site selection, the rental cost also accounts for a large proportion in the operation of the whole trampoline park. On the basis of considering the flow of people, try to choose the venue with low rental and property cost.

3. Labor cost of indoor trampoline Park - labor cost mainly refers to the staff of the venue, who are allocated according to different schemes such as 80 Ping / 1 person, 100 Ping / 1 person, 120 Ping / 1 person, etc. the salary is determined by the actual local salary, usually 2500-3500 yuan per month.

4. Marketing and promotion fee of indoor trampoline Park: if the location selected is very good, it will greatly save the advertising cost of marketing and promotion. It can be decided whether to carry out marketing and promotion according to the actual situation. The marketing and promotion is divided into online (meituan, public comments, paid promotion, media, etc.) and offline (promotional activities, joint activities, etc.), and it is done in advance one month before the annual holidays and winter and summer holidays Good related promotion deployment.

5. Indoor trampoline Park member management system - member management system includes member system, gate system, locker system, etc.

6. Weak current system of indoor trampoline Park - weak current system includes network broadband, network equipment, network wiring, WiFi, sound broadcasting system, multimedia display system, monitoring, etc.

7. Water and electricity cost of indoor trampoline Park - daily property cost such as water and electricity

 Analysis on the factors of the flow of people in indoor trampoline Park

1. 3-5 public schools, residential areas, commercial areas, training courses, recreational complexes and other industries around the indoor trampoline park are surveyed;

2. Assess how many people can be covered by 3-5km around the indoor trampoline park.

3. How many of the covered people are potential customers who can come to the indoor trampoline park for consumption?

4. Understand the flow of people of other competitors around the indoor trampoline Park, analyze their own advantages and make relevant differentiated competition mode

 Project selection of indoor trampoline Park

1. Free jumping project - can challenge all kinds of dangerous jumping movements in it, and can also practice yoga in it.

2. Diving in the sponge pool - this action is very exciting at first sight. After running up a distance on the long-distance running track, when approaching the sponge area, turn and somersault 360 degrees and then drill into the sponge pile.

3. Trampoline dunk project - can let you achieve the action that you can't accomplish on the basketball court at ordinary times. Generally, boys are very interested in this project

4. Trampoline dodge ball project - this project is a team game. The dodge ball in the middle is divided into two teams for the game, which needs the help of the team.

5. Ladder walking project - this project is a game to exercise people's balance. If you are not careful, you will fall into the sponge pool below or jump on the inflatable spring to find this kind of stimulation. At the same time, the height of the steel wire is adjusted according to the age of the person.

6. Climbing project - the process of climbing will not be discussed in detail, but the sponge block is added under the climbing wall, so as to play a protective role.

7. Professional trampoline project - the bounce power of professional trampoline is higher than that of ordinary trampoline, so the height over it needs to be at least 5m when choosing the site, so it is safe.

 Management mode of indoor trampoline Park

1. Indoor trampoline Park joint venture. It is a good cooperation method for entrepreneurs who are short of funds. It can reduce risks and tie up with the interests of shopping malls, which is conducive to the long-term business deduction. Generally, the distribution of interests in coastal cities should not exceed 2.5:7.5, depending on the situation;

2. The indoor trampoline Park does not need to pay the venue fee, but the water, electricity, labor and property fees still need to be paid. There is also a certain need for a sound way to restrict the cash register, both sides can communicate;

3. The indoor trampoline park's minimum rent + deduction point, the shopping mall is responsible for the cashier, and the way of settlement is to return the rest after deducting the income from the shopping mall every month.

 Pricing strategy of indoor trampoline Park

Eight consumption modes (for reference)

1. Temporary card for indoor trampoline Park, direct ticket purchase, no discount;

2. Apply for membership card in indoor trampoline park. Handling the activities of charging and delivering stored value cards, such as charging 1000 and sending 500, which is suitable for later consumption