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Garden trampolines for sale

2020/05/02 23:30
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In the past two years, the sales market of garden trampoline has been in a hot state, many people have launched garden trampolines for sale with a little knowledge; investment in garden trampoline does not mean that there is money, and the inaccurate investigation of the environment of garden trampoline for sale will only lead to the result of loss.

I. investigation on the site selection environment of garden trampoline for sale

First of all, we need to know the situation of the local garden trampoline for sale. We can carefully observe the configuration and operation mode of the garden trampoline equipment inside, and whether there is any avoidance and advisability. Second, we need to see how the traffic situation around the garden trampoline sales is, whether it is convenient, whether it is safe, whether it is clean and sanitary. We also need to investigate the prosperity of the location where the garden trampoline is located , such as the surrounding business forms, business environment, etc.

So it is very important to choose a good location for garden trampoline for sale. A good location can make your store operate for a long time. It is recommended to choose a large shopping center, shopping mall, supermarket, large community and other places. In addition, the floor area should also be considered comprehensively. If it is too small, it may affect the long-term operation after garden trampoline for sale. It should be carefully evaluated according to its own financial situation, and also consider the prosperity of the local business circle. For example, the decimal position of garden trampoline should be selected in a large shopping mall, which not only meets the parents' shopping needs, but also serves the children Play provides convenience.

II. Survey on the consumers' willingness to garden trampoline for sale

You can make a questionnaire on the market of garden trampoline for sale, and go to the target area for investigation. The respondents are parents. The question can be set as: if there is a garden trampoline nearby, would you like to take your children to play? What kind of amusement equipment do you prefer in the garden trampoline? What is the standard of consumption for garden trampoline? wait. Through the form of questionnaire, it is easier to obtain the surrounding consumption level, Consumption Willingness and consumer preferences. Let garden trampoline sales, equipment options, ticket pricing and so more targeted.

III. investigation on local consumption level of garden trampoline for sales

Generally speaking, the evaluation of a place's consumption level needs to be carried out from housing, transportation and communication, clothing, family, entertainment, education, medical care and other aspects. In addition, for the survey of consumption level of trampoline customers in the garden, we need to see the proportion of nearby children in the total population. The more children there are, the larger the potential consumer group of children's amusement equipment is.

IV. investigation on sales and operation expenses of garden trampoline

The key points that need to be solved and understood are the problems faced by the sales and customization process of garden trampoline. First of all, we need to know the cost of the garden trampoline in the operation process. The main components of operating costs are: fixed expenses + floating expenses. Fixed expenses include: store rent, water and electricity property fee, personnel salary, apportionment of equipment cost, handling expenses of business certificate. Tax expense. Floating fee includes: advertising fee, gift, spare parts loss, management fee As long as we have a clear understanding of the detailed composition of the sales cost of garden trampoline, we can clearly know the break even point of the garden trampoline for sale, which is also convenient for the sales expectation and decision-making of garden trampoline.