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Fire safety precautions for indoor trampoline Park

2020/05/26 09:50
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With the growth of investment boom in trampoline hall, there are more and more people who open trampoline park. However, in the normal operation, many investors will miss out the hidden danger of safety and some matters of entrance and exit fire protection. In case of any problem in the operation, it will bring incalculable potential loss to the operation of the venue.

1. Children under the age of five must be looked after by parents or guardians, or they are forbidden to play in the trampoline area; it is forbidden to support the trampoline net surface or soft bag by hand to avoid sprain or fracture; when jumping and falling, try to land on the ground with feet to avoid other parts falling;

2. When entering the trampoline area, please remove jewelry, necklaces, ear nails, earrings and other foreign matters; it is forbidden to keep long nails and wear glasses. Girls need to tie their hair with rubber bands (do not use hairpins) to avoid these objects hurting themselves in the process of sports;

3. Please don't leave your cell phone wallet and other valuables in the locker, and take them into the trampoline area and lose them due to improper storage. This place will not take any responsibility.

4. Please do not wear shoes to enter the trampoline area. For a good experience, we recommend that you wear professional trampoline antiskid socks, which can be purchased at the front desk cashier.

5. It is strictly prohibited to bring fragile products such as glass, various containers, beverage bottles, sticks, sharp objects and similar items into the trampoline;

6. A trampoline allows a person to play. It is forbidden to rest or sleep on the trampoline.For the sake of your own and others' safety, please do not sit or lie on the trampoline or trampoline. Please go to the rest area if you need to rest.

7. To learn trampoline movements, we must follow the principle of step-by-step, emphasize the common progress of movement quality, and after a period of training. There will be a better feeling for trampoline, that is to say, there is a certain stage of network learning, we must lay a good foundation, do not worry, otherwise the injury is difficult to control.

8. Do not try dangerous fancy actions. Somersaults and other fancy movements are very dangerous. The user must have sufficient skills to make relevant actions, so as to avoid hurting himself or others, and bear all risks.

9. When playing, it is forbidden to jump with one foot, which may lead to the movement of body imbalance. When the body loses balance, please protect your wrist, ankle and waist. In the predictable range, try to use the bottom and back contact net surface, or fall to the ground in the shape of holding the chest, so the contact surface is large, which will reduce the degree of body injury to the minimum; People who have not been trained in trampoline should not have too high springing height and insufficient technical level. Trying to make difficult movements beyond one's own skills and abilities may result in serious injury, paralysis or death.

10. It is forbidden to climb the slide reversely; it is forbidden to support the trampoline net or soft bag by hand to avoid sprain or fracture.

11. It is strictly prohibited to chase and play, push and pull, hit people, turn over somersaults and high-difficulty movements without permission in the trampoline park. Those who are repeatedly persuaded and stopped by the on-site staff can be removed from the outside of the trampoline area for the sake of the safety of other personnel;

12. After taking drugs or drinking, clients who are suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, pregnant women, injured arms or legs, habitual dislocations and other clients who are not suitable for strenuous exercise are not allowed to enter, conceal all accidents caused by their own physiological diseases, and bear the consequences at their own risk. The venue is not responsible for assisting outside the rescue, and should not participate in trampoline activities after meals.

13. This trampoline park is an indoor public place. Smoking is strictly prohibited for your and others' health;

14. It is forbidden to climb over the guardrail, and do not throw objects into the trampoline, the rest table and outside the trampoline. There are garbage bags and bins outside the trampoline;

15. Children should not bend or lean back in the process of playing, because it is easy to cause damage to the thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, and when playing, it is necessary to grasp the degree to avoid too long jumping time; parents should stop playing immediately if they find their children's physical discomfort;

16. Incorrect movement from trampoline to floor or platform area. Improper movement can cause ankle sprains or other injuries. Please walk from trampoline to floor area.

17. When children are practicing trampoline, parents or guardians should not leave the area around the trampoline to prevent children from losing after getting off the trampoline.

Trampoline can improve people's ability of reaction and coordination. In jumping, rotation, somersault and other actions, it can make every joint and cell in our body in a state of motion, not like other single movement, only one part can be exercised. It can be found in the test report that regular playing in trampoline can make people's body more flexible and brain development more Developed