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Does trampoline park make money? How to do it

2020/08/18 08:11
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Many people choose to operate trampoline park. They think that children's industry is the wind outlet of today and can make money for themselves. However, with the increasing market competition, the investors who are still waiting can't help but wonder: can trampoline park still make money?

What are the factors that affect trampoline park to make money? And how to do it?

First of all, the demand of users is the primary condition that affects trampoline park to make money

Investors are entering the strange market of trampoline park. It is necessary to have enough market insight and advanced thinking consciousness, including the advanced design concept of products, can meet the parents' demand for trampoline park equipment? What is their focus? What do trampoline park products bring to children?

Second, the internal facilities planning of trampoline park

Is the safety of equipment in trampoline Park in place? Whether the venue structure and arrangement are reasonable, whether the product collocation and playing method are scientific, whether the store staff are friendly and whether the store environment is clean and so on

Third, the operation strategy of trampoline park

Trampoline park investment is a time-consuming thing. We should consider both the short-term and long-term aspects. We can't operate without objectives and invest blindly. This requires us to have a series of processes of market research, medium-term operation planning and later upgrading and improvement.

Fourth, good activity planning

A good activity plan and a good operation plan can bring good benefits to the operation of naughty castle, which requires professional personnel to carry out unified planning, data collection and analysis, and portraits of surrounding people. This is the key to the success of a project.

To sum up, although trampoline park is a sunrise industry, there are many factors that affect making money. No one can guarantee whether a project can make money, but I believe that as long as you pay attention to the above points in the operation, your trampoline park will be more and more easy to operate.

So if you want to manage trampoline park to make money, what aspects should we pay attention to?

1 Suit measures to local conditions and suit the medicine to the case.

First of all, the business environment, if conditions permit, must have a larger population coverage, or more people flow area for the location of naughty fort. If you have a venue, then you should investigate the attributes of people around the venue: age distribution ratio, income analysis, preference analysis, etc., and grasp their pain points to make the optimization scheme of trampoline park equipment.

2 People's nature and classification

We should pay attention to the change of people flow, which groups of people are attractive to trampoline Park, the growth of passenger flow during holidays, and the effect of activities when the trampoline park is opened for trial operation. Then we can analyze the source time of tourists according to the obtained data, and then design our own membership system or preferential system according to different time or crowd.

3 The equipment is novel, the service is in place, and the publicity is in place

Trampoline park amusement equipment industry belongs to the service industry of the tertiary industry, so no matter how good your early work is, it will ultimately come down to the service experience. It is difficult to make money if you want to make a good service experience for your customer groups. Therefore, we should choose the equipment of trampoline Park, diversify the game experience, various leisure areas, tea areas, ticket areas, etc Gift area according to the actual situation, as well as your publicity and promotion means to expand your popularity.