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Do you have regular disinfection of children's garden trampolines in china ?

2020/07/30 08:34
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With the opening of the second child in an all-round way, the number of children in the community has increased gradually. As a community support, the utilization rate of children's garden trampolines in china facilities in the community is very high. The health of trampoline facilities in our community is worrying. Every time I go there, I smell a lot of smell. Moreover, in recent seasons, there are many sick children, who are worried that the baby will be infected when playing. Recently, the reporter interviewed many communities in Huizhou City, and found that some children's amusement facilities have not been cleaned and disinfected since they were opened.

Visiting garden trampolines in china

Wipe a paper towel, leaving a gray mark, more green, more mosquitoes

"Every time I go to the trampoline facilities in my community, I can always smell a fishy smell. "Ms. Zhang said that it made her feel very unsanitary. She was always worried that there were a lot of bacteria on the garden trampolines in china. After every rainy day, there were a lot of footprints on the trampoline. After several times of children's playing, their clothes were dirty." recently, the weather has changed rapidly, and there are many sick children. If these trampoline facilities are not disinfected, will they easily infect diseases? "

Visited the trampoline facilities in several communities. Seven or eight children are playing. In the middle of the field is a trampoline. On the side of the trampoline, wipe it down with toilet paper, leaving a light gray print on the clean tissue. In the T-shaped cylinder joint, the gray print is more obvious after wiping with paper towel. Some of the children playing here are younger, but when playing trampoline, the skin of their legs directly contacts the trampoline facilities.

The outdoor children's trampoline facility has a pirate boat shaped slide combination, plus two rocking chairs, a swing and a seesaw. Although there is no obvious dust on the facilities, a lot of dust has been accumulated in some places that are not commonly used. In addition, the seat on the seesaw was obviously damaged, and there was no relevant notice posted nearby. Because there are more greenery and mosquitoes near children's amusement facilities, children will have several bags when they play for a while.

Many parents are worried about unsanitary, but some think it is too clean for children's immunity

As for the sanitation of children's play facilities in the community, parents don't like to take their children to the playground of the community. They feel that it is dirty, and they are worried that they will catch some diseases, but they can't hold the children's love. So every time the children go to the playground and come back, they will immediately change their clothes for her.

"Public places can't be very demanding. If they're not bad, they're dirty. Can the entertainment facilities in those shopping malls be disinfected on time? "It's best to be able to disinfect regularly, but we don't live in an environment where bacteria are not isolated. Some people also believe that allowing children to grow up in a too sterile environment does not help their immunity.

The cleaning aunts clean the floor, but they don't wipe the trampoline facilities, and they haven't disinfected them. Community property personnel said that the cleaning of children's trampoline facilities was not included in the scope of daily community cleaning, at most, they would help clean up when it was very dirty. In the future, the cleaning of children's amusement facilities will be included in daily work, once a week. Staff have been arranged to clean the facilities first.

Once a week will be disinfected, wipe with disinfectant powder, usually community cleaning aunts will wipe children's amusement facilities, regular disinfection. "In fact, this also needs the cooperation of the owners.