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Disinfection of indoor & garden trampolines in china for children

2020/08/04 08:41
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Indoor & garden trampolines in china recreation facilities are mainly places for children to play, but for children, they are born with poor physique. As a public entertainment environment, it is necessary for us to do a good job in disinfection of trampoline facilities to ensure the health of children.

1. Glass fiber reinforced plastic material trampoline equipment; for this kind of material, we recommend using soft cloth to put some disinfectant to scrub the equipment, because it is very convenient to take care of the equipment facilities of children's trampoline made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, and there is no need to worry about the damage to the surface of the equipment due to the wet cloth;

2. For this kind of material, we recommend using soft point cloth for scrubbing, because of the particularity of its material, if you use too rough cloth, it is easy to scratch the surface of the equipment;

The improvement of disinfection work and cleaning work can help us to bring more tourists, because everyone hopes that children will grow up in a hygienic environment. As parents, they can also rest assured that their children can play in your playground.

Recommended specific disinfection products for indoor & garden trampolines in china

1. Unilever's disinfectant

2. Willus disinfectant

3. 84 disinfectant

Trampoline manufacturers remind you: the above must be in accordance with the instructions, diluted with water, children's skin is more sensitive, if the concentration is too high, skin will be red and swollen, please know!

indoor & garden trampolines in china is made of environment-friendly PVC fabric, which is tested by the Quality Supervision Bureau to meet the export standards. This material is a kind of professional inflatable cloth, with good cold and heat resistance, good flame retardant, tear resistance, tensile resistance, anti stripping, high air tightness, durability, easy maintenance and other characteristics. After one year of normal use, it can still maintain the effect just bought, without delamination and cracking. Greatly extend the life of the contract, increase the return cycle of purchase.