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Correct teaching methods and precautions of trampoline outdoor suppliers

2020/06/24 09:03
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In 2019, new entertainment was booming. The tiktok Park was the most popular amusement park. The new interactive amusement park with its vibrant voice network was brought straight to the top of the net red list. Trampoline has become a representative new landmark of cool play for young people. More and more people like to fall in love with this sport, no matter children or adults, all are available. But when many people come to play for the first time, they don't know how to play the standard action or the right posture of trampoline outdoor suppliers.

Let's first understand the benefits of trampoline outdoor suppliers playing?

1. Sports can exercise children's limbs, promote bone development, enhance children's physical ability and training ability.

2. Playing trampoline can train children's coordination ability, balance ability, enhance children's function of various organ systems, and strengthen children's body flexibility.

3. Trampoline can press, relax, come and go, run and jump, not only exercise and release pressure, but also relieve the mood.

4. Good aerobic exercise, can exercise people's body, promote blood circulation! Strengthen the body and prevent diseases.

 The main points of children's action in trampoline outdoor suppliers

1. When children learn trampoline, they will feel nervous or afraid in the early stage. It is necessary to guide exercise into its recreational environment with a relaxed mind.

2. You can set a reference for children to hit the target when they jump. Also can place the net basket, throws the ball into, exercises the hand eye coordination ability as well as the body balance training.

3. Let the children jump freely on the trampoline outdoor suppliers. The instructor will carry out professional training and correct posture for trampoline jumping.

4. Two children can face to face, hand-in-hand jump together, training multi coordination ability. Children playing trampoline outdoor suppliers must pay attention to gravity and body to prevent injury.

The essentials of standard movement and adaptive training in adult trampoline outdoor suppliers

1. Remember to warm up before any sport, don't jump into it directly! Warm up a good body, in order to exercise more flexible and avoid hurting yourself.

2. Generally speaking, the Teaching Essentials of trampoline outdoor suppliers can be divided into two types: ground assistance and trampoline surface assistance. And the ground auxiliary action is divided into static and dynamic two kinds. The auxiliary action of trampoline surface is divided into basic teaching action and somersault teaching action.

1 The static action of trampoline Teaching

Standing against the wall, leaning against the arm, leaning against the arm (positive and negative), leaning against the body, leaning against the body, lying flat on the arm, empty bed, upside down, leaning upside down, hanging ring upside down

The dynamic action of the ground is divided into two types: turning and turning

a. The vertical movements include: jump with cross waist, jump with arm in place, jump with arm in place, jump with arm in place, jump with arm in place (90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, 360 degrees, etc.), swing with arm in place, jump with arm in place, jump with arm in place, sit with arm in place, jump with body turning 180 degrees.

b. The flipping actions include: 1 / 4-week abdominal (back) bounce of jumping, 1 / 4-week abdominal (back) bounce of jumping, 1 / 4-week abdominal (back) bounce of jumping straight, 180 1 / 4-week abdominal (back) bounce of jumping straight.

2 Teaching methods and requirements of ground dynamic auxiliary action in trampoline Teaching

1. Jump at the same place: straight body, front and bottom (2 meters away from the body), tight neck. In the process of jumping, try not to use the knee joint to exert force. When landing, the feet should be separated (one foot distance), and when jumping off the ground, the legs should be combined quickly.

In situ arm clamping jump: two arms firmly clamp both sides of the body, other requirements are the same as above.

Standing arm jump in place: when lifting hands, the shoulders should be opened, the arms should be in line with the body, and the arms should be forced to clamp in the middle. Other requirements are the same as jumping with the hips in place.

2. Swing arm in place: the teaching method starts from arm circle, small circle - big circle - standard circle swing arm.

The order of teaching method for 1 / 4-week abdominal (back) projectiles jumping on the ground:

3. On the sponge pad, start from standing straight and lying down, and then learn to jump straight 1 / 4 week abdominal (back) bounce - jump round 1 / 4 week abdominal (back) bounce - jump bent 1 / 4 week abdominal (back) bounce.

4. Note: when learning the 1 / 4-week abdominal (back) spring of the group body, we must pay attention to the take-off, emphasizing that we should do the arm standing movement first, then the group body movement, emphasizing that the group body should be completed at the fastest speed, and the leg kicking method should be used when opening the leg. The movement requirements of the arm are starting from arm standing, after jumping up, the two arms are fast, and the arm is actively clamped on the upper part, the arm is bent down to the thigh, and the legs are quickly raised to form a group posture. When the body is opened, push the head in the direction of the head, push the arm in the direction of the leg, and then quickly swing to the top of the head (abdominal spring). Kick the leg to complete the opening.

4 Notes on trampoline outdoor suppliers

The basic skill of playing trampoline is vertical jump. The movement of two arms in vertical jump is very important. The overall direction of the body should be controlled. In the process of taking off and turning over, we should also remember to prevent the behaviors such as shoulder falling, head shaking and snatching. Learning trampoline movements must follow the principle of step by step. At the beginning, don't worry and don't be afraid. Eliminate the fear, practice more and master the essentials of behavioral norms. I believe that after a period of time, you can also play in the eyes of all!