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Correct posture and precautions for trampoline sports

2020/04/19 10:00
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Let's understand the correct posture and precautions for trampoline sports .Our common sense is that the body will follow the trend when the feet spring up, but the right way is to press down, use the body's coordination, balance and buffer to recover the strength, so that the body can maintain stability. From the side view, there is almost no bounce ups and downs on the top of the head, but the lower body is a fierce bounce. The frequency mainly depends on the cycle you press, bounce, balance and recover. The shorter the cycle, the more calories you will burn.

Precautions for trampoline sports:

1.  Trampoline sports is very dangerous for two people to play the trampoline one by one. If someone falls off balance and collides with others, the skin of the two people will be slightly bruised and even fall down easily.

2. After some friends get used to the jumping rhythm, they start to try to jump to the height and perform somersault and other difficult movements to their friends. At this time, once you fall down, if you don't have the right protective posture, it's easy to sprain or even fracture.

3. The right protective posture is: when you feel that you are going to fall, it is best to cross your hands and hold your chest, and use your back or buttocks to fall into the net. In this way, the worst case is only skin injury.

4. Avoid wearing bracelets, rings and other accessories when exercising in trampoline, because it is easy to fall off when bouncing. Once you step on them carelessly, the consequences are also serious.

5. Trampoline sports will be more intense, in addition to poor physical condition, pregnant or postpartum are not recommended to operate such sports; or whether congenital, acquired knee injury is not suitable.