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Composition and raw materials of trampoline

2020/04/04 10:59
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Trampoline is a kind of amusement equipment which is made of elastic surface for people to bounce and play. Trampoline consists of four basic parts: pipe, spring, jumping pad and safety pad.

 Trampoline has octagonal double-layer structure, including Purse Seine and no Purse Seine. The material of the purse seine is the same as that of the fishing net, but it is stronger, more flexible and has a better feel. The trampoline is supported by a steel frame made of galvanized pipe material, which is wrapped by PVC cloth cover. The bed surface is mainly composed of many springs arranged horizontally. Of course, the springs are not exposed, and are covered by PVC cloth cover and EVA cotton.

Pipes used to make trampoline frames and legs are usually made of galvanized steel and purchased from the supplier for a certain length and width. The use of galvanized steel can protect the frame from rust and environmental conditions, as many domestic trampolines are used externally.

The springs that make trampolines bounce are usually made by another supplier of trampoline company specifications. In general, spring manufacturers specialize in spring manufacturing

The jumping pad is made of woven fiber. Today, mats are made of man-made fibers such as polyethylene or nylon. This thick fabric is WV protected to prevent fading when used outdoors.


The safety pad passes over springs and frames and is made of foam. They have vinyl coverings and pie strips for attaching the pads to the frame. The manufacture of foam core for safety pad is also outsourced and meets the manufacturer's specifications.