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Competition rules of Trampoline(Part two)

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2019/09/11 14:48
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Trampoline Athletes are not allowed to wear jewelry and watches during the competition. Women athletes must wear white socks during the game. Violators will be disqualified from the round.

Each entrant may have one coach on the court; in any case, no more than four protectors around the net.

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After the referee sends a signal, the trampoline athlete must start the first action within 1 minute, otherwise, the penalty will be deducted. When the athlete is doing the action, in addition to the split-leg jump action, other actions require the two feet and the legs to be close together, and the toes are straight. According to the action requirements, body posture can be a body, a body or a straight body. There can be no repetitive actions in a set of actions.

Otherwise, repeated actions do not calculate difficulty. Repeated movements occurred in the first set of preliminaries, and each time it was repeated, 1.0 points were deducted.

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The referee only scores the actions done online. There was an interruption in the game and the action after the interruption was not scored. At the end of the whole set of actions, the athlete's feet must fall on the net in a controlled manner and keep the upper body in a straight posture, otherwise, the points will be deducted according to the rules.

The referee scores in 0.1 points. The referee is responsible for determining the validity of the final score.

During the game, due to poor posture, each action deducts 0.1 to 0.5 points;

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Touch the net with one hand or both hands and deduct 0.4 points;

Knees on both knees or hands and knees, sitting on the net, squatting or lying on the net, deducting 0.6 points;

Touch the spring, pad, trampoline frame or safety table, deduct 0.6 points;

Fall or fall on the spring, mat, trampoline frame or safety table, protective pad, deduct 0.8 points;

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Fall or fall to pop the free jump trampoline, deduct 1.0 points;

During the competition, the protection personnel or coaches speak or give hints to the athletes, deducting 0.3 points each time;

In a set of actions, each time an intermediate (straight body) jump occurs, a deduction of 1.0 points; an additional action deduction of 1.0 points;