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Competition rules of Trampoline(Part one)

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2019/09/05 09:32
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At present, the World Trampoline Championship has established 6 men's singles, men's doubles, men's teams, women's singles, women's doubles and women's groups. The Olympic trampoline has two gold medals for male and female individuals online.

free jump trampoline without spring

During a trampoline competition, athletes are required to complete prescribed actions and optional actions. In the trampoline project, a player needs to make 3 sets of different actions, each consisting of 10 actions. The first set of actions is a prescribed action routine, in which only the "difficulty points" of the two actions are calculated, and the second and third sets of actions are self-selected action routines.

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The characteristics of a trampoline movement are mainly reflected in the high movement of the movement, the rhythmic connection and transformation between the movements, including the two-legged take-off, the back-elastic, the abdominal bomb, the sitting-elastic movement, and there is no pause and intermediate jump in the middle of the full set of movements. A set of trampoline movements should consist of a variety of forward and backward empty flips or non-turned flips. The athlete's full set of movements should show a beautiful body posture, correct movement techniques, ideal height and good body control.

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