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2019/09/04 11:50
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Trampolinesfree jump trampoline are divided into online and single-hop projects.


With the elastic force of the elastic bed, the human body is bounced into the air, and various gymnastics movements and tumbling competitions are performed in the air. It is divided into single men and men and two men. For women's doubles and groups, there are ten actions and 10 movements, according to the arrangement of the action, the difficulty and the quality of the completed action.

Single jump

The game was done on a wooden narrow long dedicated runway covered with thick blankets.

free jump springless trampoline

On this runway, the athletes must complete a complete set of difficult technical movements, including front flip, backflip, side flip, front flip side flip, backflip side flip, etc., and finally land on the mat at the end of the runway. According to the regulations, the whole set of actions should be composed of a single action within 8, and finally must end with a flip action.

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