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Choose the safest trampoline

2020/04/25 10:00
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Any high-intensity sport is a kind of adventure. Trampoline, which people like, is no exception. Trampoline has many advantages. When choosing trampoline, the first thing to consider is safety. Therefore, choosing the safest trampoline should not be ignored.

Several important factors determining the safety of trampoline

1. Bare trampoline frame: the hard metal frame is one of the biggest risks faced by the jumpers, which can lead to serious fracture, scratch, and skull injury!

2. Insufficient protective pad: after being hit several times, the protective pad will start to wear, deform and tear, and will seriously lose its absorption ability to impact. In addition, the sea surface protection pad covered on the spring surface will also cause safety misleading to the jumpers!

3. Springless trampoline: the spring will produce bumpy elasticity. Even under the protection of the protective pad, sometimes it will hurt the jumpers, causing concussion, fracture and other injuries after falling.

4. Rigid protective net supporting rod: even if the rigid metal rod is wrapped with a protective pad, it can not protect the jumpers from quickly hitting the metal rod and causing injury.

5. Light frame: the light frame of traditional spring trampoline will become soft, wrinkled or even collapsed when the jumper jumps or hits the support bar of the protective net.

At present, in Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, trampoline safety standards have been developed. The safest trampoline should be equipped with a soft ridge protective net (the supporting rod of the protective net cannot be a rigid material such as metal), and a soft edge technology Trampoline (the soft edge technology is a foreign patented technology, the design is that there are no hard parts such as springs and frames on the jumping surface of the trampoline), and the jumpers can not have any hard objects in the accessible trampoline space. It's better not to use trampoline with spring, but choose one without spring, because even if there is a sponge protection pad, it can't reach the safety level of children's use, and it will cause safety misleading to children.

Choose the safest trampoline: you should choose a safe trampoline with a soft ridge protective net (the supporting rod of the protective net cannot be rigid materials such as metal), and there should be no hard objects in the trampoline space accessible to children. In addition, children of any age should be moderate and not too strong in any exercise.

Freejump has always been committed to the production of the safest trampoline for children to play happily on.