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Children should take these safety measures when playing trampoline

2020/06/08 09:01
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Children are always safety first. The premise for parents to take their children out is safety first. Before going to trampoline park to play with related facilities, relevant preparations need to be done, as follows:

1. Check the trampoline park before entering the site

Children's clothes will have their own characteristics. They have their own opinions. If they can't be dissuaded from success at home, their parents should check their children's clothes before playing on the dangerous trampoline to eliminate the danger.

All kinds of rope ties on children's clothes, whether they have jewelry, and some other sharp toys, must be replaced before entering the trampoline Park, never compromise, even if they don't go in to play.

2. Pay attention to children and play less mobile phones

Adults have a certain ability of prediction. Trampoline Park seems soft everywhere, but if you are not careful, there will be danger. Parents must have someone to watch their children

When children play trampoline Park, parents should follow them as much as possible. Sometimes, children fight and cause injuries. Parents can keep their children's minds safe and not relax when they play trampoline

3. Do a good job in command and guide the playing trampoline

Children are curious about some trampoline park facilities, and they will imitate learning to play. At this time, parents must be optimistic about whether the children's movements meet the standards, because some older children have better self-control, and they will make different movements, in case of being imitated by children, it is easy to cause harm.

Parents can clearly tell their children that they must step down the slide in the trampoline Park, climb one by one, not run, etc., so as to form a sense of safety for their children. After a long time, they will naturally remember

4. Observe the site of trampoline park to eliminate hidden dangers

After children's long-term play, plus the aging of the venue and the details not found by the staff, there will be some unnecessary risks. If you find something wrong or uncertain, first stop the children's play and then inform the trampoline park staff to judge or repair, so as to avoid more children's injuries.