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Application of fitness trampoline near me

2020/07/17 08:53
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It first appeared in the form of sports, which started from the economic events like gymnastics. Its essential entertainment development was due to the promotion of the Olympic Games, and then gradually extended to the entertainment field, developed into trampoline Park and various kinds of trampoline indoor amusement park. In 2013, a reasonable and compliant rules and regulations were formulated, and international trampoline entertainment began to enter the standardized development As a developing country, the development of all kinds of amusement projects in China lags behind. As a foreign product, trampoline industry started late in China, and the first trampoline Theme Park began to appear in 2013. So far, the number of theme venues with an area of more than 1000 square meters does not exceed 60. From the site selection in the early stage to the design in the medium term, the finalization, selection and production of equipment and facilities, and then to the later stage As a result, the trampoline industry in China is facing a series of problems, such as low product quality, serious homogenization of product structure, overcapacity, fragmented operation and so on.

Judging from the amount of patent disclosure in trampoline industry

After the continuous accumulation of patent applications in the past few years, trampoline industry has entered the explosive period of patent examination and disclosure. The technical level and technical ability of trampoline industry have been paid attention to. As the leader of trampoline manufacturing industry in China, Meiqi entertainment has been committed to producing standardized and large-scale trampoline products, bringing the fun of trampoline to our masses and constantly updating And research and development of their own products, strive to keep pace with the international standards, and strive to make new products appear in the sight of the public in China in a short time. From the classification of industry patent applications, the number of patent applications for products such as physical exercise, gymnastics, swimming, mountain climbing, ball games, training equipment and other products is the largest, and the number of patent applications of trampoline products such as rocking horse is the same, all of which are 39. This shows the explosive heat of trampoline industry Time is just around the corner.

Nowadays, young people are under great work pressure, especially those living in the first tier cities. With the gradual increase of house prices and living costs, their spirit has been in a tense state, which leads to the outbreak of various physiological and psychological problems. Due to the heavy daily work tasks, the lack of reasonable exercise opportunities, the gymnasium project is too single and the scope is not very large Good entertainment and interactivity, outdoor sports to the weather dependence is too high, as time goes by, we need a new indoor sports, but also meet the needs of daily life for entertainment, fitness, this is the reason why trampoline is bound to be popular.

Indoor trampoline near me has become the most fashionable indoor trampoline sport with great flow of people since it came into the sight of Chinese people. Its space and entertainment are far better than other indoor amusement projects. Moreover, as a amusement project of all ages, more families can experience the fun of teaching and playing, and the whole family can participate in it At the same time, it also satisfies the children's pleasure heart.