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Advantages and disadvantages of trampoline for women and children

2020/04/14 10:00
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of trampoline for women and children

Benefits of trampoline:

1 Trampoline exercise has the advantages of high energy consumption, which is helpful to reduce fat. 10 minutes of trampoline is equivalent to half an hour of jogging. Compared with running and other regular sports, trampoline feels fun and does not feel tired at the same time. During the jumping, shout a few times loudly, come and go back to get a sweat. Trampoline exercise is a more calorie consuming way to lose weight.

2 Release the pressure, trampoline sports in the consumption of a lot of physical strength and sweat, but also can release the pressure of learning and life.

3 Exercise on trampoline, the body will coordinate and drive the core muscles and body strength of the whole body, especially the abdominal muscles, in order to maintain balance. Long term adherence to trampoline exercise is conducive to the promotion of metabolism, fat oxidation, blood circulation and immunity.

4 For teenagers, trampoline is conducive to the unity and cooperation of vestibular feeling, the cultivation of sense of balance, the training of children's overall coordination, making children more sensitive and focused.

Disadvantages of trampolines:

1 There may be some safety accidents, for example, some children do not master the skills of trampoline movement, fail to find the landing direction when doing the flipping action, fall outside the trampoline, resulting in fractures and other injuries. In order to avoid the occurrence of the above situations, it is not recommended that children under the age of five do trampoline or be accompanied by adults. For adults, if they are not focused or distracted, it is also easy to cause some damage, so when trampoline sports, avoid taking risks.

2 The other is that women should avoid wearing skirts and trampolines, which is easy to get out of the light. Female compatriots should pay attention to it.

3 Avoid injury caused by excessive exercise or pushing and fighting each other on trampoline

To be sure, trampoline is a very exciting sports, it can bring you great stimulation, and the acrobat's actions are always incredible, and can exercise, reduce pressure, lose weight, another physical and mental pleasure. If you have the chance to see a high-level skill show, the wonderful performance will make you stunned, and make you have a strong interest in trampoline. Nowadays, in the process of social development, China's progress in economic construction and entertainment culture is a leap forward. Some professional trampoline halls and trampoline parks are springing up, which makes the sport enter thousands of households and become an important entertainment place for young people, students and children. Children in this area I'm lucky to touch more things that I didn't touch before.