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Advantages and disadvantages of fitness trampoline for house

2020/07/15 08:24
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Trampoline for house is relatively simple, it is based on jumping movements or additional body movements, the intensity can be freely adjusted, almost all aerobic exercise, all parts of the body can participate in it, scientific exercise can reduce weight.

Every day at least 30 minutes of continuous exercise, aerobic exercise weight loss is some conditions need to be met, then maintain more than 30 minutes is the premise of good results.

It's almost the same. The movements are mainly jumping. Maybe the actions added in the middle will be different. On the whole, the differences are not big. They all rely on the whole body movement of jumping to consume energy, so it can be said that they are the same.

In general, it is relatively safe without injury, but the trampoline jump is relatively high, so the knee joint may be damaged due to impact when falling. If you are just a general fitness, the frequency is not a problem.

In fact, fitness trampoline for house is not a new thing in Europe and the United States: Victoria Angel AA and transformers girl Megan Fox are all fans of this sport. Famous singer Taylor Swift even organized an outdoor trampoline party. What magic is the magic of trampoline, which is loved by stars?

In fact, fitness trampoline for house this movement does not have the so-called "disadvantages", but if the trampoline way is not correct, it will cause some muscle strain or sprain problems.

LP Jun this to simply talk about the benefits of trampoline and need to pay attention to the place!

Benefits of trampoline for house: trampoline belongs to aerobic exercise. Proper use of the elastic properties of this sport can improve the cardiopulmonary function, enhance the sense of dynamic balance and space, promote fluid circulation and improve immunity.

Because it reduces the impact force of direct contact with the ground, trampoline can reduce the pressure on bone joints and effectively protect the spine. Due to the unstable characteristics of trampoline, all the core muscles of the human body will be mobilized during training, and more than 400 muscles will be used. After high-intensity stress (exercise), bone cells will store minerals in tissues to strengthen bone quality, which is incomparable with other endurance sports.

Data show that a 45-60 minute trampoline class can consume about 500 calories (different from person to person). Compared with jogging, 10 minute trampoline exercise is equivalent to about 30 minute jogging consumption, which can reduce fat content more quickly, which has a good shaping effect on buttocks, legs, waist and abdomen.

Trampoline for house is also a fast-paced, high-efficiency sports, professional trampoline burn fat class with music to create an atmosphere, compared with the traditional fitness boring, enhance the entertainment. In the face of the pressure of life and work, you may feel that you are pressed out of breath. If you come to a trampoline burning fat class after work, with the rhythm of music and the action of the coach, you can jump and shout a few times to your heart's content! Regular participation in trampoline exercise can not only get fitness effect, but also release work pressure and eliminate work fatigue.

Trampoline should pay attention to:

Since trampoline is the core to drive the movement of the lower limbs, it is necessary to ensure that the leg muscles are always in a tense state during the process. LP Jun will advise you to wear thigh sheath. Whether you are in contact with trampoline for the first time or often play trampoline, the sheath can help you stabilize the strength of lower limbs and avoid muscle strain.