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Advantages and disadvantages of children's trampoline parks in china

2020/08/11 08:02
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Trampoline parks in china is a common playground facility in children's trampoline park. Trampoline parks in china is also one of children's favorite amusement equipment variety shows. On national holidays, children get together to play trampoline. They bounce on the trampoline and compete with friends to see who jumps the most. Children are happy to return to happy, to remind parents is that playing trampoline a little careless, the child may fracture, spinal damage and even head injury.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of children's trampoline parks in china?

Benefits of trampoline for children

1. Trampoline can improve your height. Trampoline exercise can improve the function of internal organs system of children's human body and make them healthy. In addition, trampoline exercise on the skeleton plays a mechanical equipment stimulation effect. Therefore, it can accelerate the growth and development of bones and make the height of children increase with certain degree.

2. Trampoline exercise can train children's limbs and enhance muscle energy. A series of training of classical conditioned reflex on trampoline can make children's posture become more and more dexterous and their muscles more and more developed according to this kind of tactile stimulation and muscle exercise, and get in touch with the brain nerve center.

3. Trampoline can promote children's heart function, accelerate the blood circulation system, improve the basic metabolism, develop the heart and enhance the retraction force. Children in the whole process of trampoline exercise, improve the role of vocal organs, to avoid common respiratory diseases have good effect.

4. Trampoline exercise can improve the children's gastrointestinal peristalsis, gastrointestinal digestion and absorption work capacity, improve appetite, complete digestion and absorption of nutrients, so that children's growth and development is stronger. Children who are anorexic and refuse to eat need more exercise.

5. Trampoline can promote the growth and development of central nervous system. All kinds of fancy postures on trampolines can make children from undisciplined postures to gradually perfect and develop into split, purposeful and harmonious postures. It is an excellent adjustment to the central nervous system.

The disadvantages and common problems of children's trampoline jumping

Disadvantages of trampoline parks in china:

1. When a child jumps on the trampoline, the direction and strength of the spring upward will be changed due to the blindness of the center of gravity when the child jumps on the trampoline. It is difficult for the child to ensure that each jump can bear the force vertically. Touch the center of gravity slightly inclined, spine slightly out of control, will make children fall, and spine, joints, tendons, etc. may be damaged.

2. When children play trampoline parks in china, it is very easy to reduce their awareness of internal organs.

3. Concussion can cause damage to internal organs that are not growing well, especially in the brain.

Note of trampoline parks in china:

Parents should pay attention to the quality, size, convenience and extensibility of personal collection and application when purchasing family trampoline.

When children play trampoline in the room, it is necessary to maintain fresh air in the room without direct blowing of cold air (with electric fan or central air conditioner).

Trampoline should be placed in the area where windows (if living in a high-rise house) and furniture are not allowed, and the distance between them and the wall is more than 50 cm. It is also not necessary for children to jump too high with too much excitement.