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14 ft trampoline manufacturer

2020/06/19 09:03
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Nowadays, there are many manufacturers providing 14 ft trampoline. Due to the different technological conditions of the manufacturers, their reputation is high and low. Which part of qualification should a qualified 14 ft trampoline manufacturer have.

First, in line with national regulations

The production of trampoline involves personal safety. The use of unqualified products or materials by 14 ft trampoline manufacturers will lead to the emergence of accidental injuries. The state recognized this earlier and gave the national norms. The industry association also has the industry norms. The manufacturers of trampoline must produce by themselves.

Second, there is a complete industrial chain

Trampoline involves a variety of material applications, seemingly simple structure, but involves the integration of industries, there are manufacturers of steel structure, elastic mesh manufacturers, and finally to the assembly plant, each material has anti-aging, impact resistance and other specific parameters requirements, qualified 14. FT trampoline manufacturers are often able to organize mass production to help customers reduce costs while bringing high-quality and low-cost products.

Third, design ability

Trampoline industry is also in rapid development, product iteration is fast, new products are often launched on the basis of previous generation products, various parameters are improved, customers are more fond of the new and tired of the old, which makes manufacturers have the momentum of continuous design, recruit talents to launch new products, and can take the road of independent research and development is the qualified manufacturer.

Fourth, product maintenance

Large manufacturers have their own professional maintenance team, which can maintain and repair products all over the country without leaving problems to customers. A set of professional equipment often needs to be used for many years, with huge investment. Without professional maintenance personnel, it is impossible to operate.

Fifthly, it has multiple equipment production qualifications

Even trampoline Park, in addition to the main trampoline, there are other amusement facilities, which are classified into different categories. Each kind of regulations and standards, production methods are different. Large manufacturers can organize production separately, which can bring large and complete product lines to customers, reduce the trouble of customers walking around in the purchasing process, and propose a package of solutions. Such trampoline manufacturers are all There are no more than 10 trampoline manufacturers in China. Some trampoline manufacturers are also responsible for the technology and standard setting of the upstream and downstream industries.

The 14 ft trampoline manufacturer can produce all the equipment and consumables required by the trampoline Park, and has certain design ability and maintenance ability. When investors choose partners, they should choose regular manufacturers. The other party has complete certificates and licenses, and a large number of past products can be provided. Before production, formal supply contracts will be signed to stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties.