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The Freejump trampoline is the world's safest DIY aluminum trampoline. 

See the defference below.

Freejump Trampoline

Other brand Trampolines

The World's Safest DIY Trampolines

Exposed FRAME

The metal frame is located at the same level as the jumping surface.

Metal Spring

Trampolines commonly use metal coil springs.

Hard Install

Other brands trampoline is hard to install.

Bad Poles

Most of trampolines enclosurs are made from bad poles.


Freejump trampoline with hidden frame, not only beautiful and practical,but also safe and no danger even you jump onto the edge.


Freejump trampoline uses Aviation Aluminum Rod replacing the traditional metal spring.


Freejump trampoline uses a unique connection structure, making installation easy and quickly.

Protective Pole

Freejump trampoline uses a curved protection rod to protect,the bounce from hitting the pole and causing injury.