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The World's Safest Aviation Alumiunm Trampolines

The Freejump trampoline is the world's safest trampoline with aviation aluminum rod.. 

See the defference below.

Smart Frame


Freejump new independent intellectual property right trampoline is with  an intelligent installation structure,which is very easy to be installed,even if you are all thumbs,can install it easily and safely,one person can finish the whole installation easily.

Safety Aviation Aluminum Rod


Freejump trampoline is the first one use aviation alumium rod on trampoline,this aluminum rod is with durable and repairable features.

The design is different from any trampoline in the market--without any traditional iron spring,nor glass fibre.



No-gap Connection


Freejump trampoline creates a zipper no-gap connection on mat and net, you can fix the net and mat together less than 2 minutes.


Innovative hoop on the rod,give you double safety.


Patent Pending Springless System


Freejump trampoline are with patents and paten pending to protect our innovation,each part is designed for a safety, durability and fun!