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Self-developed Patented Trampoline

The real safest and smartest trampoline.

The Free jump is the first one to use aviation aluminum onto the trampoline , the high-tech aviation aluminum rod with durable and repairable features,meanwhile Freejump trampoline is with the new connecting system which will bring the safest way not only when you jump on it, but also during your installation 。





Smart Frame

Freejump trampoline's frame keeps 3 points structure,this kind of structure will hold the whole trampoline with better and better load bearing.

Aviation Aluminum Rod

Using high-tech materials - aviation aluminum as rod to be instead of metal spring,safer and best quality .No injury during install and jumping.

No Gap Zipper System

Free jump trampoline created no gap system between net and mat,gives safest jumping space to you and your family.

Qucik-fix Protective Pole

Free jump trampoline innovates quick-fix structure on trampoline,only need 2 seconds you can easily fix net poles well.

Our Products

  Free jump trampoline originates from the United States, adhering to the concept of safety. Letting the world's children fall in love with sports.
With its 18-year structural design foundation, Freejump has boldly invented the invention of a springless system,

Zipper connection system,a aluminum rod support structure, and a real unique net and pole

protection concept. Provide jumpers the safest jumping space.

DIY Artwork,You Do Enjoy It

Freejump trampoline supply DIY artwork on frame,which supply cool and unique trampoline to your family.Let's see how it looks!

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