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This is the Freejump trampoline. It  is the world's first and safest adjustable smart trampoline.

New Patents

First, the unique adjustable elasticity system means that whether you are an adult or a child, you can quickly switch to the position to best suits the needs and experience of the trampoline user. The old trampoline cannot be changed without buying new expensive products.  This causes the user to have a poor experience. The Freejump trampoline will absolutely change your views on how easy and fun a trampoline can be

FreeJump trampoline origin from USA. Holding the idea of letting children fall in love with sport and with 18 years of construction design experience, we created softedge  mat , using glass fiber rods instead spring, adding uniqueness network idea. Freejump offers the safest jumping space.






The metal frame is located well beneath the trampoline jumping surface where you can't land on it.


We use flexible composite rods instead of springs, which lie beneath the trampoline jumping surface out of harm's way.


We’ve created a shock absorbent mat which removes hard edges from the jumping surface.


Our safety enclosure cushions jumpers and prevents falls to the ground.

See How Safe It Is.

Go Outside and Be Active.

 Freejump trampoline uses glass fiber as its fender rod and soft ridge protection network. The network uses PP elastic rope. And the net is with high mesh density which can prevent hands and feet being hold by net and then avoid people from 2nd injury. PP elastic rope is stronger, better on elasticity and softer.Come and enjoy the joy of jumping with freejump!

Fun For All Ages,Fun Together

Every FreeJump Trampoline is manufactured with only the highest quality

materials,guarantee it provide the whole family with safety and endless fun.

DIY Artwork,You Do Enjoy It

Freejump trampoline supply DIY artwork on frame,which supply cool and unique trampoline to your family.Let's see how it looks!